When you hear the name Jeff Chicoine, one word immediately springs to mind – insurance. And that’s for a very good reason. Jeff has dedicated over 25 years of his life to the insurance industry in Atascosa County. He began his journey working alongside Johnny Lambaria at State Farm at just 17 years old. He stayed with him for over twenty-three years before taking the leap to establish his own independent agency. After over 30 years in insurance, Jeff proudly declares himself an “Insurance Nerd,” a badge he wears with honor.

Though he may not shout it from the rooftops, Jeff Chicoine is a local celebrity in his own right. His humility and quiet demeanor might not reveal it, but Jeff, along with his wife, Shannon, has been the driving force behind Chicoine Insurance, a business designed to serve their community with unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing from a plethora of carriers. This drive led Jeff to become an Independent Insurance Agent, allowing him to offer tailored solutions to his clients, even those with blemished records or those that others might turn away. His true passion lies in helping individuals find precisely the insurance products they need at the most competitive rates. With access to over 50 carriers, Jeff and his agency have the freedom to fulfill this mission, assisting as many members of their community as possible.

Community isn’t just a buzzword for Jeff and Shannon; it’s the essence of their being. As the President of the Lions Club and active participants in the Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce, the Jourdanton Rotary Club, and the Jourdanton 1909 Association, the Chicoines lead busy lives, finding immense joy and fulfillment in giving back to their community in every conceivable way. Their support extends to local soccer, football, and baseball teams, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the place they call home.

Their generosity doesn’t stop at community involvement; it extends to their own team. The Chicoines understand that their impact on the community is only as strong as the team working alongside them. This is why they are not just business leaders but exceptional ones. They invest time and effort in nurturing their team at Jeff Chicoine Insurance. From weekly meetings that keep the team engaged, motivated, and informed about the latest developments in the office and insurance industry to Fun Fridays and giveaways, working at Chicoine Insurance is a transformative experience. Their team’s well-being is their top priority because they know that only when their team thrives can they truly take care of their customers.

When they step away from the office, you’ll often find Jeff and Shannon by the water, fishing, or simply relishing precious moments with family. It’s not just something they enjoy; it’s something they absolutely love and find incredibly relaxing. Jeff, a seasoned businessman, offers a piece of advice that resonates with us all – take time off and savor it without feeling guilty. Personal time and family moments are essential to prevent burnout, a valuable lesson in today’s fast-paced world.

But don’t be mistaken; this doesn’t slow Jeff down. His aspirations include expanding his agency to serve even more people and incorporating new technology to enhance the customer experience. What sets Jeff Chicoine apart from his competition? It’s a combination of his stellar reputation, the authentic and genuine relationships he builds with his customers, and his unparalleled 25-plus years of expertise in the insurance industry. When it comes to insurance – be it home, auto, life, or business – no one matches the passion and dedication of Jeff Chicoine at Global Green.

If you’re in need of insurance, dissatisfied with your current provider, or simply want to meet Jeff, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone at (830) 769-4300, visit his agency at 1306 Simmons, Jourdanton, TX, or explore more about his services on his website jeffismyagent.net or stay updated by following him on Facebook @jeffismyinsuranceagent. Jeff is ready to assist you!

Author: Daphne


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