Ailaina Duran is an ambitious 23-year-old cosmetic tattoo artist passionate about makeup and empowering women (and men) to look and feel their best. Her journey to becoming a cosmetic tattoo technician is an inspiring tale of following one’s passions and turning dreams into reality.

From a young age, Ailaina knew she wanted to be a tattoo artist, a desire she even documented in a school report during her middle school days. Upon hearing her aspirations, her mom recommended that she consider attending beauty or art school, firmly believing in her potential for greatness in either field. However, after high school, she went to college for neither of those things, pursuing a degree in a totally unrelated field. It was during her college years that she stumbled upon cosmetic tattooing, and this revelation changed the course of her life forever.

“That’s a thing?!” she recalls saying.

Immediately interested in combining her passions, tattoos, art, and makeup, she enrolled in the Dallas Skin Institute, where she became a Certified Intradermal Cosmetic Technician. This move demonstrated her unwavering commitment to her newfound passion. 

Not many young people know what they want to do with the rest of their lives, and even fewer find something they are genuinely passionate about, but Ailaina Duran is the exception.

In the middle of Covid-19, Ailaina opened her own studio. This was a remarkable and brave step for Ailaina to open a business where she directly contacted clients’ faces during a worldwide pandemic. In December 2020, Beauty Ink. by Ailaina was birthed in a little home studio in Pleasanton, Texas. Despite the challenging circumstances, her dedication to her clients’ needs and her professionalism as a cosmetic tattoo technician propelled her business forward.

Offering Ombre Powder Brows, Nano Brows, Eyelash Enhancement, Permanent Eyeliner, and Lip Blush, Beauty Ink. by Ailaina serves clients from all across South Texas and even a few from out of state! Her professionalism as a cosmetic tattoo technician has been the primary reason for her growth. Ailaina’s approach to her work is characterized by thoroughness and attention to detail. She takes the time to understand each client’s unique desires, needs, and skin composition. Through visual diagrams of her exact processes and her natural ability to communicate, she educates clients on the process and manages expectations while addressing all of their concerns. Ailaina’s commitment to transparency and honesty shines through as she ensures her clients are well informed about their options.

For the last several years, while most young people are enjoying time with friends or summer vacations, Ailaina Duran has spent all of her free time attending conferences, conventions, and continuing education classes for cosmetic tattooing. A true master of her craft, Ailaina has spent years refining her skills. She has worked and trained with the very best names in the industry and is passionate about providing the very best services and the latest techniques to her clients. 

Ailaina’s expertise in the Nano Brow process sets her apart from others in the field. Unlike traditional microblading, which involves cutting the skin, Ailaina’s technique is much gentler. She does not rely on stencils but instead draws brows based on each person’s existing hair and natural bone structure. This process, though meticulous, results in stunning and natural-looking brows. Clients who have previously undergone multiple microblading sessions elsewhere but were dissatisfied with the results have found their way to Ailaina. Through her educational approach, she ensures they understand the differences between techniques and can achieve the desired outcome.

Using special permanent makeup pigment designed to soften over time, Ailaina’s work is often referred to as semi-permanent. To maintain color integrity, she recommends touch-ups or “perfecting sessions” six to eight weeks after the initial procedure or annually.

The growth of Beauty Ink. by Ailaina has been a testament to Ailaina’s dedication to her craft and her clients. Word of mouth has been instrumental in spreading the word about her exceptional work and professionalism, leading to the organic expansion of her business. The hashtag #WakeUpWithMakeup has become popular on Instagram and Facebook and even graces Ailaina’s billboard.

Ailaina, a driven and passionate young woman, maintains strong ties to her community and wholeheartedly supports local businesses. Besides her work and attendance at conferences throughout Texas, she actively engages in small business meetings, connecting with fellow entrepreneurs in Atascosa County, and providing unwavering support to local establishments. Her dedication to her career and her ambitious pursuit of success shine brightly, exemplified by her remarkable achievement of purchasing her own home in Atascosa County, an extraordinary feat for someone of her age.

As Ailaina’s business continues to thrive, she was excited to announce the grand re-opening of her new location at 1336 W Goodwin St., Pleasanton, TX, on August 12th, 2023. The event was a celebration of her hard work and dedication, complete with refreshments and raffle prizes. This was an excellent opportunity for the community to meet this incredible young businesswoman and gain insights into the world of cosmetic tattooing.

To keep up with Beauty Ink. by Ailaina, follow her on Facebook @beautyinkbyailaina and on Instagram @_beautyink. For booking and pricing inquiries, you can reach Ailaina on her website, Beauty Ink. by Ailaina or at (210)-505-1530. Embrace the hashtag #WakeUpWithMakeup and experience the magic of Ailaina Duran’s artistry firsthand.

Author: Daphne


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